Embedded System Experts

At Invotronics, we believe in the usefulness and strong potential of embedded Linux, free and open-source software and open standards in embedded systems, robotics and mobile devices.

The goal we chose at Invotronics is to support companies, organizations and universities using embedded Linux in their embedded projects.

We do this by:

  • Offering our broad embedded Linux development experience through our development services. We can help you to introduce Linux and open-source software in your embedded products and projects: Linux kernel porting and device driver development, integration of open-source components and system building.
  • Offering embedded Linux training sessions: Embedded Linux course for engineers starting with embedded Linux, Linux kernel and driver development course for engineers in the need of device driver development knowledge and experience.
  • Offering embedded robotics training sessions: We can help you to introduce linux and open-source software in the field of robotics and industrial automation.

We are also committed to free software, by releasing all our training materials under a free documentation license.

Invotronics is located in India (Pune) and targets organizations and individuals throughout the world.

Do contact us for more details!